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Freedom Liberation is our very nature. We are that. The very fact that we wish for liberation shows that freedom from all bondage is our real nature. ~Ramana Maharshi So how do you set yourself free? So who has bound you? ~Lao Tzu Are you still thinking, looking, living, as from an imaginary phenomenal center? As long as you do that you can never recognize your freedom. ~Wei Wu Wei No man is free until he is free at the center. When he lets go there, he is free indeed. ~E. Stanley Jones We are most free when we are free from ourselves. ~N. Sri Ram Real freedom is freedom in one’s heart, irrespective of external conditions. ~N. Sri Ram The ultimate freedom from the nonexistent ego is to see that it is actually irrelevant. ~Adyashanti If you want to be free, get to know your real self. It has no form, no appearance, no root, no basis, no abode, but is lively and buoyant. It responds with versatile facility, but its function cannot be located. Therefore when you look for it you become further from it; when you seek it you turn away from it all the more. ~Rinzai Enlightenment is the direct result of freedom from the illusion of a separate self. A profound understanding of this ultimate simplicity provides all that is required for an awakening to enlightenment. ~Gary Crowley Real freedom is the absence of the self that feels trapped, not the trappings that the self requires to make it feel free. ~Guy Finley Freedom and Love arise when you die into the unknown mystery of being. ~Adyashanti When the limited mind enters blessed companionship with limitless Mind, indescribable freedom dawns. ~Tilopa If you surrender to the truth that no phenomenon can ever touch, you are free. ~Gangaji Truth is freedom. Truth requires no belief, no effort. It is what is. Of course words cannot express this. But truth is freedom. ~Tom Thompson Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. ~John 8:32 No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding. ~Ajahn Chah The freedom you look for is where you look from. ~Jac O’Keeffe A person does not have to be behind bars to be a prisoner. People can be prisoners of their own concepts and ideas. They can be slaves to their own selves. ~Maharaji The power to think which had hitherto been a matter of ordinary pride, now becomes a thing from which to escape, for I perceive with startling clarity that I had become its unconscious captive. ~Paul Brunton The shell must be broken before the bird can fly. ~Lord Alfred Tennyson Hint: the cage is not locked. ~Nova Knutson The prison that you imagine constrains you doesn’t really exist. ~Stephan Bodian I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in you. ~Rumi I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery As long as the mind is holding on to a structure, a method, a system, there is no freedom. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it. ~Henry Emerson Fosdick To be free inwardly there has to be a non-attachment that spells non- dependence psychologically on anyone or anything. ~N. Sri Ram The individual never achieves true freedom until he is no longer pushed or pulled by any inner compulsion. ~Meher Baba Freedom is a condition in which there is not the compulsion of attractions and repulsions, but only action according to the innate law of one’s being. ~N. Sri Ram When you see that God acts through you at every moment, you attain true freedom. ~The Upanishads Spiritual freedom is freedom from all wanting. . . When the soul breaks asunder the shackles of wanting, it is emancipated from bondage to body, mind, and ego. This freedom brings realization of the unity of all life and puts an end to all doubts and worries. ~Meher Baba Desires are just waves in the mind. A desire is just a thing among many. I feel no urge to satisfy it, no action needs be taken on it. Freedom from desire means this: the compulsion to satisfy is absent. ~Sri Nisargadatta Liberation cannot be desired because desire is bondage. When you are desireless, you are liberated. ~Osho Non-attachment is like a fire that can burn the binding power of past samskaras. Non-attachment does not mean indifference or non-loving. Non-attachment and love are one and the same. Non-attachment gives freedom, but attachment brings bondage. ~Swami Rama Detach from whatever you find inside or outside yourself and only then will you attain liberation. ~Lin-Chi Keep your heart clear and transparent and you will never be bound. ~Ryokan Although we have been made to believe that if we let go we will end up with nothing, life itself reveals again and again the opposite: that letting go is the path to real freedom. ~Sogyal Rinpoche True Freedom is the loss of everything. ~Jeff Foster Freedom lies at the heart of my willingness to lose everything. ~Alanis Morissette Human effort consists in creating bondage for oneself, clinging fast to it, and wanting to become free without giving up bondage itself. ~Atmananda Krishna Menon You are free once you understand that your bondage is of your own making and you cease forging the chains that bind you. ~Nisargadatta Maharaj There is no need to struggle to be free; the absence of struggle is in itself freedom. ~Chogyam Trungpa What if you let go of every bit of control and every urge that you have, right down to the most infinitesimal urge to control anything, anywhere, including anything that may be happening with you at this moment? If you were able to give up control absolutely, totally, and completely, then you would be a spiritually free being. ~Adyashanti Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things are they are. ~Karen Maezen Miller Non-resistance, non-judgment, and non-attachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living. ~Eckhart Tolle See the world as if for the first time; see it through the eyes of a child, and you will suddenly find that you are free. ~Deepak Chopra To live in the known is bondage. To live in the unknown is liberation. ~Nisargadatta Maharaj True freedom comes when every speck of the known collapses into the unknown, not for a moment but continually. ~Adyashanti Your mind can be possessed by illusions, but spirit is eternally free. ~A Course in Miracles Sometimes what hurt us actually free us. ~Yasmin Mogahed Each moment is the moment that needs to be happening. Each experience we have is the divine invitation. It may be a beautifully engraved invitation, or it may be a very fierce invitation, but each moment is the invitation. I couldn’t possibly emphasize this more: the texture and flow of our lives, from moment to moment, is itself what reveals freedom. Life itself shows us what we need to see through in order to be free. ~Adyashanti Expose yourself to your deepest fear, and after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. ~Jim Morrison The spiritual process is not about moving away from life. It is to use everything in life not to entangle yourself but to liberate yourself. ~Jaggi Vasudev Peace is the natural by-product of love, which is the natural by-product of freedom. ~Jana Pierce van Loon As we become more aware of our spiritual heart we realize no delight equals the delight of freedom. ~Tony Samara Only in the state of love will the beautiful, fragrant flower of freedom and supreme bliss unfold its petals and bloom. ~Amma Let everyone be as they are. ~Adyashanti It is not for me to change you. The question is, how can I be of service to you without diminishing your degrees of freedom? ~Buckminster Fuller Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom. ~Rabindranath Tagore Love is a bird and it loves to be free. It needs the whole sky to grow. ~Osho Until you’ve given the world its freedom, you’ll never have your freedom. ~Adyashanti If your mind is liberated, your heart floods with compassion. ~Thich Nhat Nanh In humility is the greatest freedom. As long as you have to defend the imaginary self that you think is important, you lose your peace of heart. ~Thomas Merton Take someone who doesn’t keep score, who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality: He’s free. ~Rumi Once you understand reality; although illusory perceptions of the world may arise in your mind, you will be like the sky; when a rainbow appears in front of it, it’s not particularly flattered, and when the clouds appear, it’s not particularly disappointed either. There is a deep sense of contentment. ~Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche Freedom is the total absence of concern about yourself. ~Florinda Donner An ordinary man seeks freedom through enlightenment. An enlightened man expresses freedom through being ordinary. ~Adyashanti