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Silver Lining Of Your Cloud Life Quotes and Sayings
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Rumi Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. ~Rumi Every moment, a voice, out of this world, calls on our soul, to wake up and rise. ~Rumi Believe in love’s infinite journey, for it is your own, for you are love. Love is life. ~Rumi Don’t ask what Love can make or do. Look at the colors of the world. ~Rumi You embrace some form saying, “I am this.” By God you are not this or that or the other you and spirit are the same. ~Rumi Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart. ~Rumi Love is a river. Drink from it. ~Rumi A pure heart, open to the Light, will be filled with the very essence of Truth. ~Rumi Respond to every call that excites your Spirit. ~Rumi As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and clearer. ~Rumi Light up the fire of love inside, and blaze the thoughts away. ~Rumi Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself. ~Rumi Caught by our own thoughts, we worry about everything. But once we get drunk on Love whatever will be, will be. ~Rumi When the tears course down my cheeks, they are a proof of the beauty and grace of my beloved. ~Rumi Through Love all pain will turn to medicine. ~Rumi Whenever we manage to love without expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven. ~Rumi Stop looking for something out there and begin seeing within. Open your arms if you want an embrace. ~Rumi When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music. ~Rumi Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. ~Rumi I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in you. ~Rumi Listen with ears of tolerance. See through the eyes of compassion. Speak with the language of love. ~Rumi Purify yourself and become dust, so that from dust, flowers can grow. ~Rumi Only the soul knows what infinite love is. ~Rumi I merged so completely with Love, and was so fused, that I became Love and Love became me. ~Rumi Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstasy motion. ~Rumi These pains that you feel are messengers. Listen to them. Turn them to sweetness. ~Rumi We are the mirror as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity. We are pain and what cures pain both. ~Rumi You suppose you are the trouble, but you are the cure. You suppose that you are the lock on the door, but you are the key that opens it. ~Rumi That hurt we embrace becomes joy. Call it to your arms where it can change. ~Rumi Love is the water of life. Drink it down with heart and soul! ~Rumi Death comes, and what thought we needed loses importance. ~Rumi To hear the song of the reed everything you have ever known must be left behind. ~Rumi I look into your eyes and the whole universe not yet born. ~Rumi The soul has been given its own ears to hear things mind does not understand. ~Rumi Ideas of right and wrong operate in us until we die. Love does not have those limits. ~Rumi I am a drunkard from another kind of tavern. I dance to a silent tune. I am the symphony of stars. ~Rumi You are a ruby embedded in granite. How long will you pretend it’s not true? We can see it in your eyes. Come to the root of the root of your Self. ~Rumi For everything outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together. ~Rumi You’re the road, and the knower of roads, more than maps, more than love. ~Rumi Why are you so afraid of silence? Silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear. ~Rumi If you want to hold the beautiful one, hold yourself to yourself. ~Rumi The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. ~Rumi The desire to know your own Soul will end all other desires. ~Rumi Embrace the light and let it guide you beyond the winds of desire. ~Rumi Let the caller and the call disappear; be lost in the call. ~Rumi Love comes of its own free will, it can’t be learned in school. ~Rumi Nothing is meaningful except surrendering to Love. Do it~ ~Rumi Through your Grace I have found a treasure within myself. I have found the Truth of the Unseen World. ~Rumi Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite universe. ~Rumi Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words. ~Rumi The Beloved is with you in the midst of your seeking! He holds your hand wherever you wander. ~Rumi Why tear your soul apart for something here one moment, and gone over the next? ~Rumi All is known in the sacredness of silence. ~Rumi You do not see me for I am hidden inside the soul. Others want you for themselves but I call you back to yourself. ~Rumi Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their course. ~Rumi What hurts the soul most is to live without tasting the water of its own essence. ~Rumi The path of Love isn’t easy … I am shipwrecked and must be sunk. ~Rumi Choose Love, Love! without the sweet life of Love, living is a burden–as you have seen. ~Rumi Speak little. Learn the words of eternity. ~Rumi You are as you are, an indescribable message on the air. ~Rumi Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. Live in silence. ~Rumi Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you… you are–we all are–the beloved of the beloved, and in every moment, in every event of your life , the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know. Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is. ~Rumi Listen. All the awakened ones, like trusted midwives, are saying, welcome this pain, it opens the dark passage of Grace. ~Rumi Know, O my son, that each thing in the universe is a vessel full to the brim with wisdom and beauty. It is also a drop from the river of His Beauty. ~Rumi Be helpless, dumbfounded, unable to say yes or no. Then a stretcher will come from grace and gather us up. ~Rumi Whoever finds love beneath hurt and grief disappears into emptiness with a thousand new disguises. ~Rumi This is not the real reality. The real reality is behind the curtain. In truth, we are not here. This is our shadow. ~Rumi Take someone who doesn’t keep score, who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality: He’s free. ~Rumi We’re not ahead, we’re behind. We’re not above, we’re below. Like a brush in the painter’s hand, we have no idea where we are. ~Rumi Those who have attained union have nothing but the inward eye and the divine lamp—they have been delivered of signs and roads. ~Rumi When your chest is free from your limiting ego, Then you will see your ageless Beloved. You cannot see yourself without a mirror; Look at the Beloved, He is the brightest mirror. ~Rumi He who looks at the foam speaks of mystery, but he who looks at the sea is full of wonder. He who looks at the foam expresses intentions, but he who looks at the sea makes his heart the sea. He who looks at the flakes of foam makes plans, but he who looks at the sea has no will. He who looks at the foam keeps busy, but he who looks at the sea is totally pure. ~Rumi Knock, And He’ll open the door. Vanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sun. Fall, And He’ll raise you to the heavens. Become nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything. ~Rumi If you could see the ugliest leper with the eyes of Love, His beauty would out-dazzle in your eyes the starlit sea. If one drop of the Wine of Vision could rinse your eyes, Wherever you looked, you would weep with wonder. ~Rumi The lover of this world is like someone in love with a wall illuminated by sunrays; he doesn’t realise that the radiance and the splendor do not come from the wall but from the sun; he gives his heart to the wall and when at sunset the rays of sun disappear, he is in despair. ~Rumi Be honest dear heart, broken and abashed, how can you still chase love? ~Rumi There is a loneliness more precious than life. There is a freedom more precious than the world. Infinitely more precious than life and the world, is that moment when one is alone with the Beloved. ~Rumi Lose yourself, Lose yourself, Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light. ~Rumi There comes a holy and transparent time when every touch of beauty opens the heart to tears! This is the time the Beloved of heaven is brought tenderly on earth. This is the time of the opening of the Rose! ~Rumi